UQ-bio Summer School

Yue Wang

Yue Wang

University of California, Los Angeles

Collaborators: Bhaven A. Mistry, Claremont McKenna College; Tom Chou, UCLA

Title: Stochastic Model and Optimization of SELEX

Short Abstract:  Systematic Evolution of Ligands by EXponential enrichment (SELEX) is a process to select the best aptamer sequence in a huge aptamer library that binds a specified target molecule with the highest affinity. There has been a deterministic model of SELEX, and we develop a fully discrete stochastic model to obtain more accurate results when the mass action law does not hold. Specifically, we find that optimal SELEX protocol in the stochastic model differs from that predicted by the deterministic model.

Presenter Biosketch: Dr. Yue Wang is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Computational Medicine, University of California Los Angeles, under the supervision of Prof. Tom Chou. Dr. Yue Wang applies different mathematical tools (modeling, simulation, algorithm, statistical analysis, theoretical analysis with discrete mathematics, ODE, and stochastic process) to biology, e.g., population dynamics, gene regulation, and developmental biology. Dr. Yue Wang also applies probability, stochastic process, and discrete mathematics to different subjects (causal inference, statistical physics, reinforcement learning, dynamical system, biology, law).

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