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The Eighth q-bio Conference: Poster Spotlights

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The detailed placement of the Poster Spotlight Talks can be found on the Conference Program page.

  1. Kevin Brown, University of Connecticut, Mean-Field Approaches to Protein Evolution
  2. Jonathan Desponds, ENS, Paris, France, Effect of random environments on clone size distributions of the immune repertoire
  3. M. Frank Erasmus, University of New Mexico, Role for the pre-BCR Signaling Complex in BCP-ALL Blast Cell Survival
  4. Sidney Kuo, UCSD, Variability of hyperosmotic stress response via the HOG pathway in wild yeast strains
  5. Yuval Elhanati, CNRS and ENS, Paris, France, Identifying selection pressures in somatic immune receptor evolution
  6. Nicola Gritti, AMOLF, Rolling dice during development: Timelapse microscopy of stochastic cell fate decisions in C. elegans
  7. Xiuxiu He, Georgia State, Modeling 3D Cell Migration
  8. Mohit Kumar Jolly, Rice University, Modeling the Association between Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) and Stemness
  9. Gabriele Micali, Imperial College, Predicting chemical environments from receptor signaling
  10. Andreas Mayer, LPT ENS, Design Principles of an Optimal Adaptive Immune System
  11. Shlomi Reuveni, Harvard University, The role of substrate unbinding in Michaelis-Menten enzymatic reactions
  12. Leili Shahriyari, UC Irvine, Symmetric vs. Asymmetric Stem Cell Divisions
  13. Vijay Singh, Emory University, Information transmission by receptors correlated through ligand diffusion
  14. Noreen Walker, AMOLF, Gene expression noise: How much is explained by growth fluctuations?
  15. Roy Wollman, UCSD, Accurate information transduction in dynamic biochemical signaling networks
  16. Alon Yaniv, Ben-Gurion University, Spatial Effects in Cytokine Signaling Between T Cells