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The Eighth q-bio Conference: Invited Talks

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Thanks for attending The Eighth q-bio Conference
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advancing quantitative understanding of cellular regulation

The detailed times of the Invited Talks can be found on the Conference Program page.

  1. Alan S. Perelson, Los Alamos National Laboratory, How Modeling Viral Infections Can Save Lives
  2. Naama Barkai, Weizmann Institute of Science, Robust periodic patterning in the Drosophila eye
  3. Nathalie Dostani, Institut Curie, Transcriptional dynamics in the early Drosophila embryo
  4. Diane Lidke, University of New Mexico, Measuring EGFR dynamics, dimerization and conformation on live cells
  5. Greg Voth, University of Chicago, Theory and Simulation of Biomolecular Systems: The Multiscale Challenge
  6. Markus W. Covert, Stanford University, High-sensitivity measurements of multiple kinase activities in live single cells
  7. Shayne Peirce-Cottler, University of Virginia, Multiscale Models of Tissue Growth and Remodeling
  8. Peter Sorger, Harvard Medical School, Measuring and Modeling Cell Death Pathways in Single Cells
  9. Kwang-Hyun Cho, Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology, The regulation of uncontrolled cell proliferation by hidden switches mediated by RORα
  10. Alex Mogilner, UC Davis, Modules of Cell Polarization/Motility Initiation
  11. Paulien Hogeweg, Utrecht University, Modeling Multilevel Evolution: qualitative modeling for quantitative insights
  12. Nicolas Desprat, Éole Normale Superieure, Spatial interactions in bacterial colonies
  13. Arthur D. Lander, University of California, Irvine, The Engineering of Growth Control
  14. Linda Petzold, UC Santa Barbara, Stochastic Simulation at Your Service
  15. Bridget S. Wilson, University of New Mexico School of Medicine, Orchestration of erbB3 signaling through homo-dimerization and hetero-dimerization with erbB2
  16. Thierry Emonet, Yale University, Diversified population strategies for chemotaxis trade-off problems
  17. William Bialek, Princeton University, Are we asking the right questions?