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The Eighth q-bio Conference: Contributed Talks

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Thanks for attending The Eighth q-bio Conference
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advancing quantitative understanding of cellular regulation

The detailed times of the Contributed Talks can be found on the Conference Program page.

  1. Jian Liu, NIH, Traction peak oscillation optimizes focal adhesion mechanosensing
  2. John Albeck, UC Davis, Linking localized ERK/MAPK dynamics to transcriptional network states
  3. Will Mather, Virginia Tech, A queueing approach to multisite enzyme kinetics
  4. Christopher Cotter, University of Georgia, Quantification and Modeling of the self-organization of Myxococcus xanthus
  5. Jianhua Xing, Virginia Tech, A cascade of bistable switches controls TGF-beta induced epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition
  6. Andrew Paek, Harvard Medical School, Single cell analysis reveals a time-dependent threshold for p53 mediated apoptosis
  7. Tomasz Lipniacki, IFTR- Poland, NF-κB and IRF3 crosstalk signaling in MEFs
  8. Andrew Mugler, Emory, Fundamental limits to the precision of multicellular sensing
  9. Mikhail Tikhonov, Princeton University, Cascading Non-Local Noisy Readouts Improves Precision of Gradient Response
  10. Nicole Vega, MIT, Population dynamics of cooperative antibiotic resistance in a C. elegans model
  11. John Pearson, LANL, Messages Do Diffuse Faster than Messengers: Reconciling Disparate Estimates of the Morphogen Bicoid Diffusion Coefficient
  12. Hanna Salman, University of Pittsburgh, Protein Fluctuations in Single Cells and Population Variability
  13. Ivan Surovtsev, Yale University, Physical Nature of the Bacterial Cytoplasm
  14. Jennifer Oyler, Cornell University, mRNA as a molecular clock: how mRNA longevity controls the persistence of cellular information
  15. Judy Cannon, University of New Mexico, T cell motility within lymph nodes are more consistent with a correlated random walk than a Levy walk
  16. Shao Qiuyan, Texas A&M, Phage DNA dynamics and the Correlation with Cell Fate
  17. Carlos Lopez, Vanderbilt, Model-driven exploration of apoptosis or necroptosis cell-death decisions
  18. Jason Lomnitz, UC Davis, Phenotypic Differences Among Seven Synthetic Oscillator Designs
  19. Savas Tay, ETH, Molecular noise facilitates NF-κB entrainment under dynamic inputs
  20. Daniel DeWoskin, University of Michigan, Fast and Slow Coupling in the Circadian Clock
  21. jenny Lin, University of Chicago, Mixtures of opposing phosphorylations within hexamers precisely time feedback in the cyanobacterial circadian clock
  22. Oleg Igoshin, Rice University, Slowdown of cell growth acts as the signal triggering cellular differentiation
  23. David Fange, Uppsala University, In vivo repressor kinetics exclude simple operator occupancy model for gene regulation
  24. Arvind Subramaniam, Harvard University, Amino Acid Starvation Reveals Constraints for Modeling Translation
  25. Brian Munsky, Colorado State, Transcription factors modulate c-Fos transcriptional bursts