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The Tenth q-bio Summer School

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July 11-22, 2016     California campus     Colorado campus     New Mexico campus

Welcome to the wiki for the 2016 q-bio Summer School! Information about the school and application instructions can be found below.


The q-bio Summer School is an annual event intended to advance predictive modeling of cellular regulatory systems by exposing participants to a survey of work in quantitative biology and by providing in-depth instruction in selected techniques, with an emphasis on techniques useful for modeling cellular regulatory networks, although data analysis techniques and experimental methods will also be covered. Lectures will be offered at three campuses. At the California campus, the focus will be on synthetic biology. At the New Mexico and Colorado campuses, the focus will be on systems biology. Students will each work on mentored projects. Participants will attend daily core lectures, project-specific lectures, journal clubs, and computer and (in some cases) experimental labs. The summer school is designed for graduate students, postdocs, or anyone with a quantitative background who is new to modeling cellular regulatory systems/networks. After completion of the school, all students are strongly encouraged to attend either the Tenth q-bio Conference in Nashville, TN (July 27-30, 2016) or the Fifth Winter q-bio Meeting (February 2017).

The origin of the term q-bio is explained here. A brief history of the q-bio events can be found here.

Dates and offerings at each campus

The material covered in the school will depend on the campus, although each campus will cover key core concepts of quantitative biology. Detailed information about the offerings at each campus, including information about tutors, projects, schedules, and computer and experimental labs, can be found at the campus wiki pages. Please click on the following links to learn more about the programs:

How to apply

The application process will involve submitting a CV, a 1-page statement of interest, and completing a form online. You may apply for admittance to one or more of the three campuses. Applications will be reviewed independently by the local organizers at each campus. Please carefully review the information provided above to determine which campus best matches your interests.

Applications are now being accepted. Submit your application here.

What we are looking for in summer school candidates:

Although each branch of the summer school is a little different, we tend to look for similar qualities in summer school candidates. Most importantly, we are looking for students who show a strong promise to use tools learned at the summer school in their ongoing research endeavors. We strongly encourage applications (1) from experimentalists who wish to learn computational tools to understand their data and (2) from computational scientists who would like to explore new biological problems to which to apply their training. Since group projects are a key aspect of the program, students must be willing and able to engage with other researchers in multi-disciplinary investigations. We expect a mix of students at different levels of their training: some students will be admitted on the basis of past experience and strong publication records, while others will be admitted based upon their enthusiasm and potential for future research in their current position. Students should make sure to address how specific summer school topics are expected to relate to their past, present and future research objectives.

Registration Fees

Fees to attend the q-bio Summer School are as follows:

  • Registration: $500.00
  • Lodging and Meals: $1550.00. This includes 17 nights lodging (14 nights at the summer school and 3 nights at the associated q-bio Student Symposium) and most meals.
  • Students are responsible for their travel expenses both to the school and between the school and the q-bio Student Symposium.

Scholarships are available to cover registration and to reduce the lodging fees. Please indicate your financial need on the school application.

How to contact the organizers

  • For scientific questions, please email Brian Munsky (munsky at engr dot colostate dot edu).