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The Seventh q-bio Summer School

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The q-bio Summer School is an annual three-week event intended to advance predictive modeling of cellular regulatory systems by exposing participants to a broad survey of work in quantitative biology as well as providing in depth instruction in modeling techniques relevant to specific areas. The areas that will be covered this year include 1) stochastic gene regulation, 2) cell signaling, 3) biomolecular simulations, 4) viral dynamics, 5) cancer, 6) synthetic biology, and 7) computational neuroscience. Students will each enroll in an area-specific course. During the first week of the school, participants will attend two daily core lectures in the morning and a lab in the afternoon. Core lectures cover all areas and are attended by all students. Labs are course specific. During the second week of the school, students will attend course-specific lectures and labs and work on projects individually or in small teams under the guidance of the summer school faculty. The summer school is designed for graduate students, postdocs, or anyone with a quantitative background who is new to modeling cellular regulatory systems/networks. Core lectures will take place on two campuses (in Santa Fe and San Diego). All students are encouraged to attend the q-bio Student Symposium in Santa Fe, which will feature student project reports and seminar-style talks. This event is free for students who register for the summer school and q-bio Conference. Students are also strongly encouraged to participate in the The Seventh q-bio Conference. The q-bio Conference takes place in Santa Fe.


The q-bio Summer School is not affiliated with arXiv.q-bio.

How to apply?

Applications are now closed. We will take applications for the 2014 starting in January.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition for the q-bio Summer School is $550 per student. The lodging and meals fee for the summer school is $1650. Scholarships are available and should be requested at the time of application.

Thanks to a generous grant from National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS), we are pleased to announce that tuition has been waived for all students. Local NM participants are invited to attend any session at the school Free of charge. Catering is provided for lecturers and students staying at St John's College. Other participants are welcome to purchase meals at the SJC cafeteria.

Draft of Program

Tentative schedules for the Santa Fe and San Diego branches of the summer school are available using the following links:

The 7th Annual q-bio Conference

The Annual q-bio Conference is associated with the q-bio Summer School but is organized separately. The conference has a separate lodging and registration fee of approximately $800 total (this is tentative and partial waivers will be available to students who have an abstract accepted at the conference).

To attend the conference and receive a waiver, q-bio Summer School Students must attend the school and student symposium and they must submit an abstract and request financial assistance at the conference website.



Santa Fe Lecturers

San Diego Lecturers


Please see the following for a list of the 2013 q-bio Summer School Students

q-bio 2013 Students


Lectures will take place on two different campuses on weekdays from July 22 through August 2. There will be joint sessions on August 5 and 6 in Santa Fe. All students will then attend The Seventh q-bio Conference in Santa Fe (August 7-10, 2013).

St. John's College, Santa Fe, New Mexico

St. John's College in Santa Fe will host the NM branch of the 7th annual q-bio Summer School as well as the q-bio Conference. The courses offered in Santa Fe are indicated below. Enrollment is limited.

Campus Description. Nestled at 7,300 feet above sea level in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the 250-acre Santa Fe campus offers both spectacular scenery and cultural attractions. Santa Fe is the capitol city of the state of New Mexico with a population of 65,000. It has been a Spanish colonial town, a frontier town, and was and still is a center for indigenous culture. Santa Fe is 57 miles from Albuquerque, the nearest metropolitan area. Nearby airports are SAF and ABQ.

University of California, San Diego, California

The school expanded to two campuses in 2011. The course offered in San Diego are indicated below. Enrollment is limited.


Course lectures will take place on weekdays during the weeks of July 22 and 29. All students are encouraged to participate in the q-bio Student Symposium (August 5 and 6, 2013, Santa Fe, NM) and The Seventh q-bio Conference (August 7-10, 2013, Santa Fe, NM).


The Seventh Annual q-bio Summer School is supported by the National Institute Of General Medical Sciences of the National Institutes of Health under Award Number R25GM105608. The school content is solely the responsibility of the organizers and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health.