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Nicolas Romeo


Nicolas Romeo

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Collaborators: Alasdair Hastewell, Alexander Mietke, Joern Dunkel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Title: Learning developmental mode dynamics from single-cell trajectories

Short Abstract:  Recent advances in high-resolution single-cell microscopy provide unprecedented insights into collective cell motion at various stages of embryonic development. This poses the challenge of translating high-dimensional imaging data into predictive low-dimensional models that capture ordering
principles governing biological development. Here, we combine mode decompositions ideas with dynamical systems inference to build a framework for learning quantitative continuum models from single-cell data. In the case of zebrafish embryogenesis, we show how cell trajectories can be represented by a characteristic hydrodynamic model which allows robust identification of developmental phases and reveals similarities between cell migration and active Brownian particle dynamics on spheres.

Presenter BiosketchNico is a PhD candidate in Physics at MIT, working with Joern Dunkel on physical models in development.

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Contact: mgschiavon@liigh.unam.mx