UQ-bio Summer School

Dr. Tatsuya Morisaki

Dr. Tatsuya Morisaki 

Department: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

University: Colorado State University

Lecture: Single Molecule Transcription and Translation Dynamics

Date: Friday June 10 @ 09:00 – 10:00

Abstract: Gene expression regulation is one of the most fundamental processes in living systems. It is known that the processes are dynamic and heterogeneous. Therefore, it is essential to study them at single-molecule resolution in living cells. In this talk, I will describe methods to visualize and quantify the dynamics of transcription factor binding at endogenous response elements, and translation event at single-molecule resolution in living cells.

Supplemental information:

Presenter Biosketch: Tatsuya Morisaki received his Ph.D. in pharmaceutical sciences from Kyoto University in 2010 where he created artificial transcription factors and studied their binding dynamics in vitro and in living cells. Tatsuya then joined Dr. Jim Mcnally lab at National Cancer Institute, NIH where he investigated natural transcription factor dynamics by developing new methods in live-cell fluorescence microscopy, including single-molecule tracking. He is now a staff scientist in Dr. Tim Stasevich lab at Colorado State University where he builds new microscopes and develops methods to visualize and quantify translation events at single-molecule resolution.

Presenter Email: Tatsuya.Morisaki@colostate.edu

Slides: Tatsuya Morisaki Slides