UQ-bio Summer School

Darren Wethington


Darren Wethington

The Ohio State University

Collaborators: Marc Potempa, UCSF; William Stewart, GIG Statistical Consulting; Lewis Lanier, UCSF; Jayajit Das, Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Title: Mathematical modeling of maturation pathway of Natural Killer cells in response to murine cytomegalovirus infection

Short Abstract: Deciphering mechanisms of natural killer cell differentiation in response to mouse cytomegalovirus (MCMV) infection is important to understanding NK cell-mediated control of that infection. To this end, we collected mass cytometry (CyTOF) data of splenocytes in C57BL/6 mice at milestone timepoints in the immunological response to MCMV-infection. Simple ordinary differential equation (ODE) and stochastic models to describe these and other single-cell data illustrate important features of natural killer cell proliferation and maturation and quantify kinetic rates of the response to MCMV infection.

Link to Full Abstract: WETHINGTON_DARREN

Contact: wethington.8@osu.edu