UQ-bio Summer School

Caroline Blassick


Caroline Blassick

Boston University

Collaborators: Mary J. Dunlop, Boston University

Title: A light-inducible GadX transcription factor for gene network characterization and control

Short Abstract:  The Escherichia coli glutamate  decarboxylase (gad) network has been implicated in cell survival under acid and antibiotic stress. Characterizing the dynamics of this network requires precise control over network components in order to make perturbations on key regulators and observe
the effects on neighboring genes. However, it can be difficult to achieve the necessary control of these regulators through conventional means such as chemical induction. Here, we present a synthetic version of the Gad network regulator GadX, which is induced with blue light. This method will enable precise perturbations and control to be applied to the network.

Link to Full Abstract: BLASSICK_CAROLINE

Contact: blassick@bu.edu