q-bio Conference (2018)

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Invited Speakers


Igor Belykh

Georgia State University (Website)

Crowd dynamics on a lively bridge, abstract




Matt Bennett

Rice University (Website)

Regulatory networks in synthetic microbial consortia, abstract




Jennifer Curtis

Georgia Tech (Website)

Hyaluronan Glycocalyx Physically Modulates Cell Adhesion and Migration, abstract 







Polly Fordyce

Stanford University (Website)

Comprehensive, high-resolution binding energy landscapes of transcription factor binding, abstract






Hernan Garcia

University of California, Berkeley (Website)

Binary Transcriptional Control of Pattern Formation in Developmentabstract








David Hu

Georgia Tech (Website)

Ant rafts and maggot flows, abstract 









KC Huang

Stanford University (Website)

The outer membrane is an essential load-bearing element in Gram-negative bacteria,  abstract





Eleni Katifori

University of Pennsylvania (Website)

When things go wrong: A breakdown of breakdowns in optimally resilient vascular networks, abstract 






Herbert Levine

Rice University (Website)

Thinking about the cancer-immune interaction, abstract 








Diane Lidke

University of New Mexico (Website

Integrating Multiplex Single-Molecule Pull-Down (SiMPull) Data and Computational Modeling to Understand EGFR Signaling, abstract 






Ben Machta

Yale University (Website)

Membrane criticality and ion channel function, abstract 









Lakshminarayanan Mahadevan

Harvard (Website)

Wisdom of Hives and Mounds: Collective Problem Solving by Super-Organisms, abstract









Dmitrii Makarov

University of Texas at Austin (Website)

Biomolecular folding and dynamics from single-molecule measurements, abstract 




Josh Shaevitz

Princeton University (Website)

Quantitative Behavior: Understanding what animals do and how brains control them, abstract 







Gurol Suel

University of California, San Diego (Website)

The microbial brain: Electrochemical signaling and higher-order coordination in bacterial communities, abstract 







Shenshen Wang

University of California, Los Angeles (Website)

Evolutionary search and races in the adaptive immune system, abstract 







Lanying Zeng

Texas A&M University (Website)

Bacterial Viruses Organize Subcellular Environments to Mediate Heterogeneous Development, abstract  

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