q-bio Conference (2018)

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Poster Spotlight Talks

  1. Steven M. Abel et al., Antigen Recognition at Immune-Cell Interfaces: Probing the Role of Mechanical Forcesabstract
  2. Jonathan Bethke et al., Modulation of conjugation in pathogenic Escherichia coli, abstract 
  3. Ashish Bino George et al., Survival of the chiral, abstract
  4. Federico Bocci et al., The role of metabolic spatiotemporal dynamics in modulating biofilm colony expansion, abstract 
  5. Sebastian Castillo-Hair et al., Dynamic Interrogation of the Bacillus Subtilis Sporulation Network using an Engineered Light-Switchable Two-Component System, abstract
  6. Michele Di Pierro et al., Anomalous Diffusion, Spatial Coherence, and Viscoelasticity from the Epigenetic Energy Landscape of Human Chromosomes, abstract
  7. Kevin Farquhar et al., Role of Stochasticity in Mammalian Drug Resistance, abstract
  8. Jason George et al., Stochastic Modeling Quantifies Tumor Elimination and Evasion in the Setting of Immunotherapy, abstract 
  9. Shivam Gupta et al., Temporal precision of regulated gene expression, abstract
  10. Dongya Jia et al., Modeling the Regulation of Cancer Metabolism: Interplay between Glycolysis and OXPHOS, abstract
  11. Yanjie Liu et al., Carbohydrate storage determines cell size and cell fate, abstract
  12. Ricardo Martinez-Garcia et al., Causes and consequences of asynchrony in D. discoideum multicellular development, abstract
  13. Andrew D. Mathis et al., Quantifying epistatic conservation across genetic and environmental backgrounds, abstract
  14. Andreas Mayer et al., Regulation of T cell expansion by the dynamics of antigen presentation, abstract
  15. William Ott et al., Effects of cell cycle noise on excitable circuits, abstract
  16. Maximilian Puelma Touzel et al., Esnemble response of immune repertoires to vaccination, abstract
  17. Hemaa Selvakumar et al., Spatiotemporal dynamics of phage-biofilm interactions, abstract 
  18. John Sexton et al., Multiplexing Cell-Cell Communication, abstract 
  19. Robert P. Sheehan et al., Using the automated building of computational models to understand cardiotoxic drug responses, abstract
  20. Wylie Stroberg et al., Optimal sensory network for the unfolded protein response, abstract
  21. Simon Underhill et al., Intracellular bistable signaling in Streptococcus mutans competence regulation, abstract 
  22. Fengdan Ye et al., Modularity of the Metabolic Gene Network as a Prognostic Biomaker for Hepatocellular Carcinoma, abstract
  23. Jing Zhang et al., Measuring transcription from a single gene copy in live Escherichia coli cells, abstract
  24. Zhaoyang Zhang et al., Agent-based Model for Developmental Aggregation in Myxococcus xanthus Bacteria, abstract