q-bio Conference (2018)

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List of Posters

All posters must not exceed 48”*48” (4ft*4ft); recommended poster size is 40’ wide and 36’ tall. All posters can be put up on the board space with the corresponding number in the list below on morning of 06/27 and have to be taken down by 1pm on 06/29. Odd number posters are to be presented on 06/27 and even number posters are presented on 06/28.

  1. Steven M. Abel et al., Antigen Recognition at Immune-Cell Interfaces: Probing the Role of Mechanical Forcesabstract
  2. Torin J. Adamson et al., DockIt: Crowdsourcing Molecular Docking, abstract
  3. Kunal Aggarwal et al., Investigating Potential Mechanisms for Negative Regulation of T Cell Activation, abstract 
  4. Razan Alnahhas et al., Culture Environment Impacts Synthetic Microbial Consortia Behavior, abstract 
  5. Argenis Arriojas et al., Quantifying noise in general stochastic models of post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression, abstract
  6. David E. Axelrod et al., Computer Simulation of Colon Cancer Chemoprevention, abstract
  7. Jonathan Bethke et al., Modulation of conjugation in pathogenic Escherichia coli, abstract 
  8. Ashish Bino George et al., Survival of the chiral, abstract
  9. Federico Bocci et al., The role of metabolic spatiotemporal dynamics in modulating biofilm colony expansion, abstract 
  10. Ryan Butcher et al., Optogenetic investigation of B. subtilis sporulation network at the single cell level, abstract
  11. Matthew Carpenter et al., Probing ER-related Stress with Lipid Markers, abstract
  12. Sebastian Castillo-Hair et al., Dynamic Interrogation of the Bacillus Subtilis Sporulation Network using an Engineered Light-Switchable Two-Component System, abstract
  13. Ankit Chandra et al., Integrative Model of Actin, Adhesion, and Signaling Dynamics at the Leading Edge of Migrating Cells, abstract
  14. Srikiran Chandrasekaran et al., Infection Risk of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria, abstract 
  15. Ke Chen et al., Proteome allocation determines thermosensitivity of growth and structure of the evolutionary landscape, abstract 
  16. Ryan R. Cheng et al., De novo prediction of human chromosome structures: Epigenetic marking patterns encode genome architecture, abstract
  17. Sapna Chhabra et al., Role of paracrine signaling and cell movements in the self-organization of micropatterned human embryonic stem cell colonies, abstract
  18. Selahittin Cinar et al., Predicting Transcriptional Output of Synthetic Multi-Input Promoters, abstract
  19. Seth Coleman et al., Modeling viral copy number dynamics during infection by bacteriophage lambda, abstract
  20. Vinícius G. Contessoto et al., Protein Folding at Constant pH: Salt Concentration and pH Changing Protein Stability, abstract
  21. Keisha Cook et al., Decreasing the Computational Time of Biochemical Systems via Parallelism, abstract
  22. Ojan Khatib Damavandi et al., Inflationary Embryology, abstract
  23. Jon Christian L. David et al., Modeling Molecular Motor Procession, abstract
  24. Aram Davtyan et al., Unveiling Molecular Mechanisms of Kinesin-5, abstract
  25. Michele Di Pierro et al., Anomalous Diffusion, Spatial Coherence, and Viscoelasticity from the Epigenetic Energy Landscape of Human Chromosomes, abstract
  26. Kevin Farquhar et al., Role of Stochasticity in Mammalian Drug Resistance, abstract
  27. Daniel Gamermann et al., Caracterization of PPI and Metabolic Networks, abstract
  28. Jason George et al., Stochastic Modeling Quantifies Tumor Elimination and Evasion in the Setting of Immunotherapy, abstract 
  29. Gennady Gorin et al., Simulating and fitting stochastic models of RNA transcription via the Gillespie algorithm, abstract 
  30. Yueyang Eric Gou et al., Characterization and application of fluorescent indicators for imaging neuronal voltage computations, abstract
  31. Sanjana Gupta et al., Evaluation of Parallel Tempering to Accelerate Bayesian Parameter Estimation in Systems Biology, abstract
  32. Shivam Gupta et al., Temporal precision of regulated gene expression, abstract
  33. Kelsey Hallinen et al., Population Dynamics of Cooperative Resistance in E. faecalis, abstract
  34. Jungmin Han et al., Merging Multiple Data Sets to Study HCV, abstract 
  35. Rasoul Hekmati et al., Machine Learning to Evaluate fMRI Recordings of Brain Activity in Epileptic Patients, abstract 
  36. R. Antonio Herrera et al., Cliffs & canals in Waddington's landscape, abstract
  37. Andrew J. Hirning et al., Dynamic Responses of LacI/GalR Chimera-Based Transcriptional Logic Gates, abstract
  38. Danh-Tai Hoang et al., Network inference with latent variables,  abstract 
  39. Kabir Husain et al., Programming Fitness Landscapes by Sparse Epistasis, abstract 
  40. Dumitru A. Iacobas et al., The GMR Approach of Cancer Gene Therapy, abstract
  41. Dongya Jia et al., Modeling the Regulation of Cancer Metabolism: Interplay between Glycolysis and OXPHOS, abstract
  42. Lavisha Jindal et al., Plasmid behaviour under Par system control, abstract
  43. Bhargav Karamched et al., Stochastic Model of Cell Alignment in Traps, abstract
  44. Marek Kochańczyk et al., Information Processing in the NF-κB Pathway, abstract 
  45. Pawel Kocieniewski et al., RAF1 Coordinates Proliferation and Motility, abstract 
  46. Daria Kogut et al., Modeling miRNA-mediated translation control, abstract
  47. Vivek Kohar et al., Effect of Noise and Parametric Variations on Gene Regulatory Circuit Dynamics, abstract
  48. Jesse M. Kreger et al., Mathematical models of virus infections, abstract
  49. Dana Krepel et al., Deciphering the Structure of the Condensin Protein Complex, abstract
  50. Niraj Kumar et al., Stochastic modeling of post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression by non-coding RNAs, abstract
  51. Ariel Langevin et al., Stress Introduction Rate Impacts Acquisition of Antibiotic Tolerance and Resistance, abstract
  52. Yerim Lee et al., Quantification of Ras membrane diffusion and multimer formation in live cells, abstract
  53. Kyunghyun (Katie) Lee et al., Differences between telomerase activation and ALT  based on the G-Networks, abstract
  54. Chung Yin (Joey) Leung et al., The synergistic effect of host immunity with phage and probiotic therapy against bacterial pathogens, abstract
  55. Xuefei Li et al., Spatial profiles of tumor-infiltrating T cells, abstract
  56. Xiaona Li et al., Mechanics before Chemistry: Tensile Stress Induced Cytoskeletal Reorganization, abstract
  57. Xingcheng Lin et al., High-resolution Prediction and Refinement of Protein Structures, abstract
  58. Yanjie Liu et al., Carbohydrate storage determines cell size and cell fate, abstract
  59. Zhuohe Liu et al., Automated Multimodal Screening of Fluorescent Biosensors of Membrane Potential, abstract
  60. Leonardo López-Ortiz et al., Stability and accuracy analysis of the circadian clock couple with metabolism, abstract
  61. Xiaoyu Lu et al., Structure Guided Genetically Encoded Voltage Indicator Engineering, abstract
  62. Nan Luo et al., Stress-Induced Division of Labor Underlies Bacterial Colony Branching, abstract
  63. Sridevi Maharaj et al., BLANT: Sampling Graphlets in a Flash, abstract
  64. Ricardo Martinez-Garcia et al., Causes and consequences of asynchrony in D. discoideum multicellular development, abstract
  65. Andrew D. Mathis et al., Quantifying epistatic conservation across genetic and environmental backgrounds, abstract
  66. Andreas Mayer et al., Regulation of T cell expansion by the dynamics of antigen presentation, abstract
  67. James McCormick et al., Determining the Internal Allosteric Architecture of DHFR With Saturation Mutagenesis, abstract
  68. Joseph P. McKenna et al., Modeling Adipose Tissue Hormone Regulation, abstract
  69. R. Tyler McLaughlin et al., Multiplexed Live-Cell Signaling Dynamics of the Cytoskeletal and Phospholipid Scaffold, IOGAP1, abstract
  70. Kareem Mehrabiani et al., Predicting Actin Interfaces from Genomic Data, abstract 
  71. Justyna Mika et al., Does diversity of T cell receptors functionality depend on age and sex?, abstract 
  72. Robert Mines et al., Wnt-Notch Crosstalk Tunes Intestinal Crypt Spatial Patterning, abstract
  73. Chaitanya Mokashi et al., Cellular responses to dynamic patterns of cytokine stimulation, abstract
  74. Thuy N. Nguyen et al., Amino acid sequence constraints and co-evolution across a metabolic enzyme pair, abstract
  75. Jamie Nosbisch et al., Feedback Loops at the Level of Lipid Metabolism Enhance Sensitivity and Robustness in Models of Chemotactic Gradient Sensing, abstract 
  76. Jackson O'Brien et al., Decoding High-dimensional Temporal Dynamics in Gene-regulatory Networks, abstract 
  77. William Ott et al., Effects of cell cycle noise on excitable circuits, abstract 
  78. Weerapat Pittayakanchit et al., Trade-off between resistance to external and internal fluctuation in biophysical sensing, abstract 
  79. Maximilian Puelma Touzel et al., Ensemble response of immune repertoires to vaccination, abstract
  80. Alberto Ramírez-Hurtado et al., Synchronization modes of the mechanical response in mouse heart, abstract
  81. Satyajit Rao et al., Dynamics of Stress Response in Bacteria, abstract
  82. Brandon Reid et al., Tensor-Based Approximation of the Stationary Solution to the Chemical Master Equation, abstract 
  83. Vedant Sachdeva et al., Tuning Evolution Towards Generalists by Resonant Environmental Cycling, abstract 
  84. Andrew Schober et al., Collective genetic units in bacterial metabolism, abstract
  85. Hemaa Selvakumar et al., Spatiotemporal dynamics of phage-biofilm interactions, abstract
  86. John Sexton et al., Multiplexing Cell-Cell Communication, abstract
  87. Robert P. Sheehan et al., Using the automated building of computational models to understand cardiotoxic drug responses, abstract
  88. Jaeoh Shin et al., How to find a small target on a surface? Surface-assisted search dynamics, abstract
  89. Matthew Smart et al., Population dynamics of epigenetic oncogenesis, abstract
  90. Jaroslaw Smieja et al., Modeling adjuvant chemo- and radiotherapy, abstract
  91. Mara P. Steinkamp et al., Quantification of Tumor Burden in Patient-Derived Orthotopic Models of Ovarian Cancer by Fluorescent and Bioluminescent 3-D Imaging, abstract
  92. Wylie Stroberg et al., Optimal sensory network for the unfolded protein response, abstract
  93. Peter Suzuki and Jihwan Lee et al., High-throughput screening of fluorescent probes for in vivo imaging, abstract
  94. Tavella Franco et al., Coarse grained Constant-pH protein dynamics, abstract
  95. Nihal Ezgi Temamogullari et al., A Yeast Segmentation and Tracking Algorithm, abstract
  96. Shubham Tripathi et al., Analysis of Hierarchy in Gene Expression Reveals Principles Underlying Metastatic Aggressiveness of Inflammatory Breast Cancer, abstract 
  97. Karolina Tudelska et al., Secreted INFβ Coordinates Antiviral Response, abstract 
  98. Simon Underhill et al., Intracellular bistable signaling in Streptococcus mutans competence regulation, abstract 
  99. John Vastola et al., Towards a coherent theory of stochastic gene dynamics: from landscapes to green field theory, abstract
  100. Qian Wang et al., Inter-head tension of cytoplasmic dynein regulates the coordination between two heads, abstract
  101. Mengyu Wang et al., Measuring transcription at a single gene copy illuminates RNA dynamics and reveals intracellular correlations, abstract
  102. Huijing Wang et al., Differentially Regulated Pathway Analysis of RNA-Seq by Deep Learning, abstract
  103. Teng Wang et al., Predicting Plasmid Maintenance and Abundance in Complex Microbial Community, abstract 
  104. Zikai Xu et al., Noise Analysis in Biochemical Complex Formation, abstract 
  105. Fengdan Ye et al., Modularity of the Metabolic Gene Network as a Prognostic Biomaker for Hepatocellular Carcinoma, abstract
  106. Jin Yang et al., An Integrative Computational Approach for Engineering Genetically Encoded Voltage Indicators abstract
  107. Jin Yang et al., A Synthetic Gene Circuit with Tunable Expression Level and Dosage Compensation for Mammalian Cells, abstract
  108. Jing Zhang et al., Measuring transcription from a single gene copy in live Escherichia coli cells, abstract
  109. Zhaoyang Zhang et al., Agent-based Model for Developmental Aggregation in Myxococcus xanthus Bacteria, abstract 
  110. Maxwell De Jong et al., Tuning Spatial Profiles of Selection Pressure to Modulate the Evolution of Resistance, abstract