q-bio Conference (2018)

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Contributed Talks

  1. Ali Abdi et al., How to Model Cell Decision Making Errorsabstract
  2. Clare Abreu et al., Increased mortality favors fast-growing species in microbial communities, abstract
  3. Enrique Balleza et al., In-sequence coding of noise in gene expression, abstract
  4. David Bensimon et al., Optogenetic approaches in development and cancer, abstract
  5. Anne-Florence Bitbol et al., Impact of a periodic presence of antimicrobial on resistance evolution, abstract
  6. Melia Bonomo et al., Predicting influenza vaccine effectiveness from evolution of the dominant epitope, abstract
  7. Silas Boye Nissen et al., Four simple rules that are sufficient to generate the mammalian blastocyst, abstract
  8. Coralie Dessagues et al., A high throughput optogenetic system to interrogate MAPK signaling network dynamics at the single cell level, abstract
  9. Sean Fancher et al., Emergent versus Individual-Based Multicellular Chemotaxis, abstract
  10. Tamar Friedlander et al., Evolution of new regulatory functions, abstract
  11. Loren Hough et al., Design principles of binding-induced selective transport through the nuclear pore complex, abstract
  12. Justin B. Kinney et al., Precision measurements of regulatory energetics in living cells, abstract
  13. Elena Koslover et al., Metabolic Organization Through Glucose-Mediated Regulation of Mitochondrial Transport, abstract
  14. Ilya Levental et al., Cellular sorting and trafficking mediated by membrane microdomains, abstract
  15. Youngbin Lim et al., In Situ Analysis of Microbial Communities Using Expansion Microscopy, abstract
  16. Jie Lin et al., Homeostasis of Protein and mRNA Concentrations in growing cells, abstract
  17. Tomasz Lipniacki et al., Biphasic Translation during Viral Infection, abstract 
  18. Thomas Rademaker et al., Biophysics of adversarial examples, abstract
  19. Stuart A. Sevier et al., Properties of Gene Expression and Chromatin Structure with Mechanically Regulated Transcription, abstract
  20. Wenying Shou et al., Quantifying physiology-ecology feedback enables prediction of microbial community dynamics, abstract
  21. Alex Sigal et al., Partial inhibition of HIV cell-to-cell spread results in more HIV infected lymph node cells, abstract
  22. Arvind R. Subramaniam et al., Sign epistasis induced by ribosome collisions during eukaryotic mRNA translation, abstract
  23. Huy Tran et al., Precision in a rush: hunchback pattern formation in a limited time, abstract
  24. Bo Wang et al., Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena in Mutualistic Communities under Invasion, abstract
  25. Ping Wei, Synthetic NF-κB: A Building Approach to Study Complex Signaling Behaviors, abstract