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Meet Your Fellow Students

Stochastic Gene Regulation

Luis Aguilera

Colorado State University

Email: luis.aguilera at



Yuan-I (Nina) Chen

University of Texas at Austin

Email: yuanichen at

 Research Topic: Characterization of DNA Hybridization Kinetics in Live Cells using 3D Single-Molecule Tracking Technique



Daniel Dixon

University of Bristol

Email: Daniel.Dixon at

Research Topic: Measuring, Modeling and Controlling Noise in Genetic Circuits



Linda Forero Quintero

Colorado State University

Email: Linda.Forero_Quintero at




Zachary Fox

Colorado State University

Email: zrfox at



Malgorzata Kardynska

Silesian University of Technology

Email: malgorzata.kardynska at

Research Topic: Sensitivity Analysis of Signaling Pathway Models in the Frequency Domain



Maryam Kohram

University of Pittsburgh

Email: mak336 at

 Research Topic: Characterizing the Variability in Properties of Genetically Identical Cells and Linking Cell Metabolism to Aging



Michael May

Colorado Sate University

Email: michaelpmay at


William Raymond

Colorado State University

Email: wsraymon at


Xinying Ren


Email: xrren at

 Max Schelski

German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Email: max.schelski at

 Research Topic: Biophysical Modeling of Axon Specification



Mohammad Tanhaemami

Colorado State University

Email: mtanha at

Research Topic: Label-Free Classification for Flow Cytometry


Joleen Traets


Email: j.traets at

Research Topic: Stochastic Gene Expression of Neuron-Specific Genes


Lisa Weber

Colorado State University

Email: llweber at


Stephen Wedekind

University of Denver

Email: wedekind.stephen at


Xiaoling Zhai

Purdue University

Email: zhai16 at

 Research Topic: Percolation of Electrical Signaling in a Bacterial Population


Cell Signaling

Kunal Aggarwal

University of Pittsburgh

Email: kua5 at

Research Topic: Investigating Potential Mechanisms for Negative Regulation of T Cell Receptor Phosphorylation


Luis Carreira

Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology

Email: luis.carreira at


Mathurin Dorel


Email: mathurin.dorel at


Susan Mertins

Mount St. Mary's University

Email: mertins at

Research Topic: A Small Molecule Modulates the Cancer Stem Cell Phenotype: A Preliminary Evaluation in silico


John Nguyen

University of Oxford

Email: john.nguyen at

Research Topic: Phenotypic Modelling of T Cell Activation and Co-Stimulation

 Julia Katharina Schlichting

Humboldt University Berlin

Email: julia.schichting at

 Research Topic: START Model Parametrization using Count and Time Series Data



Aaron Vazquez


Email: avazquezj at

Research Topic: Dissection of the Decoding Mechanisms into the Information Transmission in Signaling Pathways


Sheng Wang


Email: aobom2010 at


Oded Yaakobi

National Institutes of Health

Email: oded.yaakobi at

Research Topic: A 3D Time-Dependent Computational Model of a Whole-Cell: Coupling the Biomechanics to the Signaling Network


Bin Zhang

Georgia State University

Email: binzhang0717 at


Cancer Dynamics


Mehran Haji Akhoundzadeh

Research Center for Cellular and Molecular Imaging

Email: m.akhoundzadeh at


Bryce Asay

Colorado State University

Email: basay3 at


Ali Ebrahimpour Boroojeny

Colorado State University

Email: aebrahim at

Research Topic: Genome Assembly using Short Reads and Erroneous Long Reads


Emilia Kozlowska

University of Helsinki

Email: emilia.kozlowska at

Research Topic: Mathematical Modeling of Drug Resistance in Advanced High-Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer


Neda Maghsoodi

University of Michigan

Email: maghsudi at

Research Topic: A Novel Dynamic Model Exposes the Dynamics and Energetics of the Nano-Injection Machinery of Bacteriophage T4


Gianfelice Meli

Hamilton Institute - Maynooth University

Email: gianfelicem at

Research Topic: Branching Processes for Cellular Expansion

Magdalena Ochab

Silesian University of Technology

Email: magdalena.ochab at

Research Topic: Application of the Piece-Wise Linear Model for Description Biological Systems Based on p53 Regulatory Core




Kevin Tsai

University of California, Riverside

Email: ytsai003 at

Research Topic: Mechanical Stress Model of HIV- Virus Budding


Computational Synthetic Biology

Emma Briars

Boston University

Email: ebriars at



Pavel Brodskiy

University of Notre Dame

Email: pbrodski at

Research Topic: Calcium Signaling in Multi-Scale, High Content Screens



Gaurav Chauhan

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Email: gchauhan at

Research Topic: Modeling Bursty Gene Expression in Crowded Cell-Free Systems


Hanieh Mazloom-Farsibaf

University of New Mexico

Email: hmfarsibaf at

Research Topic: Protein Dynamics in the cell Membrane

Olga Filina


Email: O.Filina at

Research Topic: A Ticking Clock: Understanding Oscillatory Gene Expression During C. elegans Development


Eric Jones

University of California, Santa Barbara

Email: ewj at

Research Topic: In-Silico Analysis of Antibiotic-Induced C. difficile Infection


Ian Manifacier

Colorado State University

Email: iaem at

Chaitanya Mokashi

University of Pittsburgh

Email: csm65 at

Research Topic: Cellular Responses to Dynamic Patterns of Cytokine Stimulation


Robert Moseley

University of Tennessee

Email: rmosele4 at


Shannon Stiverson

Colorado State University

Email: stiverso at


David Tomy

Colorado State University

Email: davidtom at