Dear Friends of The q-bio Conference:

Over the last few years, the q-bio conference has traveled outside Santa Fe to Virginia Tech (2015), Vanderbilt (2016), Rutgers (2017), and Rice (2018). The 2019 conference site has been selected and will be announced at the end of the conference at Rice University in June 2018. We would like to request your proposals to host the conference in 2020 and 2021.

Responsibilities of Local Organizers will include:

1. Securing a suitable conference venue and lodging arrangements for at least 200-300 attendees between late June to early August. To sustain the intimate nature of the conference and to encourage full participation, a self-contained location is strongly preferred. Because the q-bio target audience includes many young researchers, costs must be kept low. To contain costs, lodging at college dormitories is preferred, and a location close to a major airport is important.

2. Securing administrative support and/or funds from local sponsors, such as host universities, research centers, or commercial companies.

3. Applying for additional government and private funding for the Conference.

4. Working with the independent q-bio Program Committee to establish a feasible format for the conference and to arrange meeting space for the main and satellite events of the Conference.

5. Providing pre-conference, onsite, and post-conference support for the attendees.

The q-bio Conference Organization will provide substantial support for the local organizers to ensure continuity and success of the conference.

Specifically, the Conference will:

1. Provide the registration/payment web site and can handle financial transactions whenever needed.
2. Provide the web presence and the distribution mailing list.
3. Provide help with grant applications for supplementary conference funding, including making the relevant information about the prior year events available.

A proposal letter to organize the conference should be only a few pages long and should address: how the proposed venue satisfies the q-bio Conference needs (atmosphere and cost), what resources the proposed organizing committee can bring to meet the funding and organizational needs of the conference, and which support will they need from the Conference.

We will request additional information later about the most competitive proposals (e.g., detailed preliminary budget). Additionally, the proposal should address the topic of coordination with the q-bio summer school, if the proposers envision such coordination.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact Orna Resnekov ( for more information. If you choose to submit a proposal, please send the proposal to Orna Resnekov ( before June 25, 2018.

Please forward this announcement to other colleagues who you think may be interested.


Yi Jiang (Chair of the q-bio Board)